Return to a Changed Office Furniture Environment Post COVID Closing

No matter your political affiliation or personal opinion about COVID 19, its severity, or the accuracy of statistics, it has and will affect the office environment going forward. In an office environment, there are many opinions and perspectives to account for. Employee’s safety and the safety of their families must be considered. Also, life must […]

How To Smoothly Move Your Office To A New Building

Moving to a new office building should be an exciting endeavor. We hope that the move is happening because business is booming and you’ve grown out of your current location. And while the thought of moving a handful of employees — let alone hundreds — to a new building may seem daunting, we are here […]

Is Your Office Furniture In The Most Effective Configuration?

Office configuration has changed a lot over the years as people put more thought into what works best for their company as opposed to what an office is “supposed” to look like. A C-Serv, we specialize in office reconfiguration and furniture installation projects and can help you achieve the office layout that will work best […]

5 Reasons To Have Office Furniture Professionally Cleaned

At C-Serv, we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-solution when it comes to office furniture. From office reconfiguration within the same space to office moving, and from office furniture storage in our warehouse to eco-friendly furniture recycling, we do it all. One of our specialties that many of our clients are unaware of […]

C-Serv Is Your Go-To Office Furniture Installation Partner In Austin, TX

If you are an office furniture dealer with customers in Austin or a nearby town, C-Serv Commercial Services wants to be your go-to furniture installation experts. We partner with many local and national furniture dealers and have received consistent, positive feedback on all aspects of our installation services. To get a free quote, discuss moving […]

Reconfiguration Of Office Furniture Near Austin

If you use commercial office space in Central Texas, be sure to use C-Serv Commercial Services whenever you need to reconfigure your office space. Reconfiguration of office furniture can be just the change that your office needs to feel refreshed work more efficiently to increase employee satisfaction. Why Does A Business Need To Reconfigure Furniture […]

Furniture Dealers, Work With The Furniture Installation Company You Can Trust

Whether you are a local furniture dealer in Central Texas or a national furniture store who delivers office furniture all over the country, you need a highly-qualified furniture installation company you can count on to provide the best office installation services to your clients. We serve a large area around Austin, Texas. If you are […]

Office Furniture Installation: Why Modular Furniture is a Great Choice

Throughout the years, your office size may fluctuate. If your business becomes more successful, you may need to move into a larger space to accommodate your growing number of employees. However, you could have an equally successful business but choose to hire remote workers and freelance employees, which could lead to a downgrade in space, […]

Five Reasons To Use Our Office Installation Services in Austin

Is your office planning a move? If you’re downsizing your workforce and hiring more remote workers, you may need to relocate into a smaller office space. If your workforce is rapidly expanding, you may need to move to a bigger location. Relocating can be a logistical nightmare if you’re not well-organized and prepared for any […]

Acoustic Furniture For Your Office Installation Project

As sales screens blast terrible music every other minute and coworkers talk on the phone in loud, grating voices, is your workplace productivity suffering? Open office plans have their perks, but increased noise levels is not one of them. Depending on the job, some of your employees may need more quiet to increase their productivity […]