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Optimizing Success: The Crucial Role of Product Control and Warehouse Asset Management in Office Furniture Installation and Logistics Projects

In the fast-paced world of office furniture installation and logistics, successful project management is contingent on a multitude of factors. Among these, effective product control and warehouse asset management stand out as crucial elements that can make or break the success of a project. In this article, we will delve into the significance of these […]

How and Why Being in the Office Improves Collaboration

Work is no longer a destination but instead an activity occurring widely throughout various locations, like the home and office. Within a work-from-anywhere ecosystem, however, the office remains the central hub where work and collaboration occur. According to one recent survey from JLL, 72% of respondents see the office as the primary center around which work […]

Minimizing Costs: Best Practices for Decommissioning

In the post-COVID  business world, office spaces are undergoing constant change. Companies expand, relocate, or downsize to adapt to evolving market conditions. Whether moving to a new location or restructuring existing workspace, decommissioning office assets is a crucial step in the process.  By properly managing this transition, you can minimize costs while also reducing  waste […]

Time to Reassess Office Space in a Post-COVID World

Thanks to inflation and subsequent interest rate volatility, it might be a good time to reassess what tenants want in terms of their office space. In its latest conversation this week, CBRE discussed the findings of its study into the matter that showed tenants want their offices to talk back. A global leader in commercial […]

Steelcase Collaborates on Furniture with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

It’s been a milestone few months for the legacy of architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, from the meticulous restoration of Fawcett Farm House to the mind-bending digital depictions of some of his unbuilt plans. Now, American furniture manufacturer Steelcase debuts their Racine Collection, designed in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The tiered desks, utility tables and lounge chairs within […]

This Company is Turning Chopsticks into Furniture

For an item that’s generally used for less than an hour during mealtimes, North America imports a whole lot of chopsticks: about 40 to 50 billion pairs a year. Most of these are bamboo chopsticks, typically made in China, and shipped thousands of miles across the globe. Yet after lunch, they simply end up in the trash. But a […]

In Search of the Perfect Desk

Purchasing a desk for a home or office can feel overwhelming with all the available choices. And most base their decision simply on size and style. There’s no question that a desk’s dimensions are critical—it does need to fit in the allotted space after all. And the way it looks should complement, not clash, with […]

Setting Higher Standards for Furniture Manufacturing

From As we move closer to the end of summer, we know many of our customers are reflecting on potential changes they’d like to implement in the coming months. Educators and school administrators are refreshing their curricula and learning spaces. If they haven’t already, employers are creating more holistically healthy workplaces to encourage their teams to return […]

Return to a Changed Office Furniture Environment Post COVID Closing

No matter your political affiliation or personal opinion about COVID 19, its severity, or the accuracy of statistics, it has and will affect the office environment going forward. In an office environment, there are many opinions and perspectives to account for. Employee’s safety and the safety of their families must be considered. Also, life must […]

How To Smoothly Move Your Office To A New Building

Moving to a new office building should be an exciting endeavor. We hope that the move is happening because business is booming and you’ve grown out of your current location. And while the thought of moving a handful of employees — let alone hundreds — to a new building may seem daunting, we are here […]