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veterans benefits administration

Location: Waco, TX
Design Firm: GSA
Construction Company: Structura
Unique Features: ADA building, Level 4 GSA Clearance, Quiet Zone
Primary Manufacturers: Knoll Dividends, Knoll Antenna, Clarus, Peter Pepper, Global

Over the course of one year and five phases, C-Serv was proud to transform the Veterans Benefits Administration building into a new space to benefit America’s veterans for years to come.  

Five hundred and fifty 8’x16’ dual stations, two hundred and twenty Knoll Antenna benching stations, one hundred and fifteen private offices, and twenty-five conference rooms were completed. 

In addition, C-Serv redesigned break rooms, hung hundreds of glass bulletin boards and installed an astounding fifteen hundred chairs. It was one of the biggest transformations we have ever completed at that time.