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How and Why Being in the Office Improves Collaboration

Work is no longer a destination but instead an activity occurring widely throughout various locations, like the home and office. Within a work-from-anywhere ecosystem, however, the office remains the central hub where work and collaboration occur. According to one recent survey from JLL, 72% of respondents see the office as the

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Minimizing Costs: Best Practices for Decommissioning

In the post-COVID  business world, office spaces are undergoing constant change. Companies expand, relocate, or downsize to adapt to evolving market conditions. Whether moving to a new location or restructuring existing workspace, decommissioning office assets is a crucial step in the process.  By properly managing this transition, you can minimize

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C-Serv Completes Teknion Installation Certification Training

Several members of our Austin, TX furniture installation and project management team spent 5 full days in Houston for hands on Teknion Factory Certification installation training. This included hands on installation and tear down of each system as well as classroom sessions. Our team completed Teknion installation certification for the

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