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In Search of the Perfect Desk

Purchasing a desk for a home or office can feel overwhelming with all the available choices. And most base their decision simply on size and style. There’s no question that a desk’s dimensions are critical—it does need to fit in the allotted space after all. And the way it looks should complement, not clash, with the existing décor. But when it comes to helping you be more productive, there are other factors you also should be evaluating. To help you select the perfect desk for your needs, we’ve pulled together some additional details for you to consider.

This seems like the most obvious factor, yet many people focus on form first and forget that certain desks were designed for specific functions. Select a desk that will support your primary tasks. If hand drawing or sketching is how you spend your time, you will want a drafting table that can be positioned at any angle—offering a tilted view that allows for closer inspection of visual details. If you are mostly doing computer work, consider options that feature grommets and cable channels to organize and conceal all your wires. And if you’re working with a desktop computer, you may want a desk with a built-in keyboard tray to help maximize usable desktop space and make typing more comfortable. Doing a lot of tinkering? Make sure your desk is built to withstand rigorous use. And if your needs revolve around some basic writing or minimal laptop use, consider a writing desk designed with simplicity in mind.

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