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How To Smoothly Move Your Office To A New Building

Moving to a new office building should be an exciting endeavor. We hope that the move is happening because business is booming and you’ve grown out of your current location. And while the thought of moving a handful of employees — let alone hundreds — to a new building may seem daunting, we are here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

At C-Serv, we specialize in office furniture moving and installation services to make moving to a new building more exciting than it is stressful. We handle everything from dissembling the furniture at Point A and installing it at Point B — and everything in between! If you are getting ready for an office move in Central Texas, be sure you call the office movers at C-Serv.

On a related note, if you are an office furniture dealer near Austin looking for a partner to help local businesses install furniture, we’d love to work with you and your clients to create the best and easiest office installation experience for everyone involved.

How To Prepare For An Office Move

Moving to a new office space is the perfect time to look at your current space and determine what is working and what isn’t. Perhaps you have always had a little voice in your head saying, “If this were different, employees would be more productive and happier, but it’s a lot of work and not a huge deal so we won’t bother.” We get it, making big changes to your office space can take a lot of work and even wrack up big expenses. However, if you are going to be moving everything anyways, then use this as your opportunity to finally make all those little changes that will improve your company.

When deciding on a new office space, there are a few important factors to consider. The first is to make sure that the space is physically large enough to accommodate expected growth for the next few years without being so big that you can’t afford it. Whether you plan to add just a couple more people or a couple hundred more, you want to choose a space that will last you for at least several years, if not a decade or more.

Then, while making a floor plan for a new office is undoubtedly exciting, you need to take into account the limitations of the space. An office is more than four walls after all. Where are the electrical outlets located? Where are the windows? Do you want your executive desk to have its own confined space with a door or do you want it to be open-air? Where is the entrance? Do you have a receptionist who needs to be located near the entrance? Once you figure out these important elements, you can start creating your configuration plan.

We mentioned before, moving is the perfect time to address problems that were not previously addressed, especially when it comes to workflow and productivity. Do you want to keep cubicles or opt for open seating? Do certain roles work better in their own pod as opposed to spread out throughout the building, or do they need a different setup when compared to other roles? Should certain positions be located next to the printer? Do you want to create a community space where employees can bond and build camaraderie? How many conference rooms will you need and of what size?

Create a basic layout of what you think will work best for your employees and ask them for feedback. They might be the best resources for how the company should be laid out, after all! Once this is all determined, you can create a desk-by-desk plan and simply tell us where to put everything when it’s time to move it, or we can work with you to help create a move-in plan that will accomplish what you need it to.


How C-Serv Can Help With Your Office Move

We are your premier office furniture installation partner in Austin, Texas and are your one-stop-solution for new office furniture installation, office relocation, furniture steam cleaning, and more. Our team of professionals have experience dismantling and assembling all of the major corporate furniture brands and we take exceptional pride in our work so you know your furniture and building will be left in great shape when we are done. While some pieces of furniture might be able to be loaded into a truck in one piece, many items need to be properly disassembled and the pieces and parts cataloged and packaged so as not to misplace anything. We have tried and true systems in place to ensure the best possible moving experience from start to finish!

We are also happy to offer office move-out and end-of-lease cleaning services so you don’t have to hire a separate cleaning company to return your space to the “boom clean” state that is likely outlined in your lease agreement.

If you are using this as an opportunity to replace old furniture, you will also be happy to know that we provide eco-friendly furniture disposal and repurposing services so old desks, chairs, and more do not go to waste when you upgrade.

Choose C-Serv To Help With Your Office Move!

If you are planning a move and need any assistance installing or reconfiguring your office furniture, we want to help. Whether you have a vision for your office and just need us to put the pieces in place or if you need advice on how to best configure your furniture, you can count on C-Serv to lend a professional hand and get the job done right.

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