Commercial Business/Office Moving Services

Whether moving within the same campus/office or to a new location, C-Serv is your one-stop service provider for efficient, cost-effective business moves. C-Serv specializes in comprehensive advance planning and providing attention to the details that keep your project on time and on budget while minimizing downtime. That’s why we’ve gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trusted business movers in Central Texas.

When Is the Best Time to Move?

Planning a business move is an art. Your project can get complicated quickly due to many factors, some of which are out of your control. Rated as one of the most reliable office movers in Central Texas, C-Serv delivers meticulous project management that anticipates and plans for potential obstacles.

To begin, it’s vital to choose the best time to relocate your business. There are several factors to consider:

Delivery of new furniture, fixtures, and equipment – Especially when you have requisitioned new furniture, fixture, and equipment, your project timeline should allow for lags due to unavoidable shipping or inventory issues. Plus, especially with office furniture reconfiguration projects, you should allow for the potential need for replacement parts or components.

Construction – Does your move depend on completion of new construction or a facility renovation? Determining your relocation schedule should account for unexpected delays. No one likes them but they do occur.

Consulting key stakeholders – Coordinating with involved external and internal parties is vital. Are you working with a commercial real estate agent, architect or interior designer? Internal team members, such as your office, operations, and facilities manager, should be consulted in terms of workload and operational impacts.

Advise customers and partners – Giving advance notice about your move — and reminders as you get closer — is not only courteous, it also provides an opportunity for positive public relations. Plus, you can coordinate your announcements to clients or the public with the distribution of email, mailers and promotional items (imprinted pens, calendars, etc.) to announce your new address and promote excitement about your new facilities.

Time of the year – Consider the commercial cycle for your type of business. For example, most retail operations, it is best to avoid the year-end holiday shopping season. The hospitality industry should avoid summer and spring breaks. Businesses in general typically prefer to work around fiscal year-end or the start and finish of major projects. A related factor, the day of the week, is relevant too. A Saturday or Sunday might be best for a corporate campus, while a mid-week day is often best for retail operations who conduct a lot of weekend business.

C-Serv’s proven planning process and trusted, reliable moving services ensures your relocation is accomplished seamlessly and with minimal impact on business. Connect with C-Serv today about our business moving programs and to learn more about our full-service project management plans.

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C-Serv’s Painless Moving Services

If you’re moving across town or up two floors, you need to select the office movers that can handle the process with minimal distractions to your ongoing operations. C-Serv has provided moving services for thousands of businesses in Central Texas since 2005. We take pride in attaining high customer satisfaction ratings that have earned us industry awards.

Moving to a New Location

  • C-Serv’s Turnkey Moving Services handles all details for you — from A to Z – so the move to your new location is seamless and stress-free.
  • C-Serv’s Standard Moving Plan supplies a labor-only commercial services team when and where needed and delivers an exceptional, error-free moving experience.
  • Our attention to detail minimizes your downtime to save you time and money.
  • We can help you avoid lease penalties through the C-Serv End-of-Lease Program that returns your old space to “broom clean” condition.
  • C-Serv offers RDI (Receive/Deliver/Install) services to accept products either on-site or initially at our facility. Optionally, we offer RIDI services that also includes unwrapping, visually inspecting products for damage or missing parts, then repackaging before delivery to the project site.


Moving Within Campus

  • Our Turnkey Moving Services handles all details for your in-campus move – to another building, up three flights, or down the hall – so your relocation is painless and smooth.
  • Through C-Serv’s Standard Moving Services, we’ll work with your contractor or project manager to provide labor-only services when and where you need them — efficiently and error-free.
  • We will coordinate and work alongside your other contractors on the project to ensure minimal disruptions in the workspace.
  • C-Serv will handle your relocation, large or small, so your employees don’t lift a thing. Our moving expertise means your project will be started and completed on time and on budget.


C-Serv Turnkey Moving Services

Moving can be complicated and stressful whether you’re moving your whole office across town or only select employees to a different area of your facility. For all types of relocations, we always strive to provide a seamless workspace transition for you and your employees.

For all relocation projects, planning and proper execution are vital for staying on schedule and on budget. The process we’ve developed helps us coordinate all facets of your project. It helps us ensure your complete satisfaction.

Site Visit (if required)

A Project coordinator or an estimator meet with you and conduct a survey to determine your needs and timeline. We’ll need a few details including if we will be relocating office furniture for the full facility or moving select workstations. Will the move involve installation and assembly of new furniture or repurposing existing components?

Risk Management

We work with you to assess risk management factors. That includes protecting your furniture, utilizing the most durable crating, and boxing electronics and other office devices to eliminate potential damage. For organizational purposes, we use our project-tested color-code labeling system that ensures maximum efficiency. Simply, we list all steps and draw the scope.

Mapping Office

We review your existing office design and available floorplan. Working with you, we can evaluate space planning options and may create new layouts and seating charts to show ways to improve workflow.


We coordinate all facets of the move with your property manager, interior designer and service professionals such as electricians, data and cable workers, plumbers, painters, flooring specialist, etc. to ensure a smooth move.


Once we confirm the arrangements for your new or repurposed office furniture, we proceed to schedule your move. We offer RDI (receive/deliver/install) services too, by receiving your new furniture at our warehouse, then delivering and installing them at the project site on moving day (or sometimes before depending on the volume of items and factors in the overall plan). We can provide a pre-move training session to teach employees how to use crates and properly label boxes to that helps ensure as smooth a move as possible. We proactively communicate so you’re in the loop through every step of the process.


We’ll manage all move and relocation tasks so you can enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience:

  • Scope Summary that documents any other details required for the business move project
  • Assess/evaluate tasks and/or products that are required for the project  
  • Logistics that includes the loading, transporting and unloading of new office products
  • Full RDI or RIDI services:
    •   – Receive products, verify paperwork accuracy, tag, and store at the C-Serv warehouse

        – Inspect by unwrapping and visually evaluating received products for damage or missing parts

        – Deliver products from the C-Serv warehouse to the project site

        – Install the product and wipe off furniture at the project site

  • Reconfiguration can be a required step before installation. We reconfigure to adjust the layout and orientation of the office space (including cubicles, chairs, filing cabinets, etc.). Optional furniture steam cleaning services offered at this stage.
  • Relocate employee workspaces to another location

Post-Moving Services

We offer optional post-moving services with each of our plans. We can sanitize all office furniture, work surfaces, shelving, and cabinets and can steam clean before employees return to their workstations. Your facility will be fresh, clean and allergen-free. C-Serv can also help you determine your best options to properly dispose of any unwanted furniture in an environmentally friendly manner by repurposing, recycling, or possibly, donating or reselling. We’ll provide you with a certificate of recognition for your efforts that benefit the community. Plus, while there might be some costs involved, your organization could also qualify to earn LEED certification and credits. Contact us to receive more information.

IT Relocation Services

C-Serv cooperates with your IT team to provide the on-time and on-budget server and IT room relocation services. We carefully move disconnected and properly packaged IT components, taking extra precautions to ensure their safe and secure arrival. Contact C-Serv today to receive a free quote for your IT room relocation project.

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Lease-End Moving: No Problem

After you move to your new facility and leave the old space, C-Serv helps you avoid any additional lease penalties. If required in your lease agreement, C-Serv will make sure your old space is returned to a “broom clean” state condition by making sure that any furniture left behind is cleaned before being turned over to the property manager. C-Serv can also help you dispose of un-needed office furniture. We’ll help you determine your options for repurposing, recycling, or possibly donating or selling it through our connections with industry organizations.

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You Are Insured with C-Serv

For any of the projects we handle – business moving and relocation, furniture installation and reconfiguring, and warehousing services – our team and the furniture we move are fully insured for any accidents. Our insurance includes general liability, vehicle, and workers compensation. You are welcome to view and confirm our insurance policies before any project begins.

C-Serv assures you:
● Team members who are fully insured and safety-trained.
● Each team member has received a thorough background check and drug screening.
● Display of the C-Serv logo on all team member clothing so you know who has arrived at your workspace.

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