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Is Your Office Furniture In The Most Effective Configuration?

Office configuration has changed a lot over the years as people put more thought into what works best for their company as opposed to what an office is “supposed” to look like. A C-Serv, we specialize in office reconfiguration and furniture installation projects and can help you achieve the office layout that will work best for your business. However, before we can get there, you must first take some time to think about your current configuration. Assess and recognize what works well in your current configuration, what can be improved, and how to seamlessly transition to that desired outcome.

As far as that last step goes, that’s where we come in. Get in touch with us via phone or through our online form to learn more about our office reconfiguration services, or keep reading to discover some new ideas that may not have crossed your mind when it comes to furniture configuration in your commercial space.

Things To Consider When Configuring Office Furniture

There are a lot of factors that will determine how your office should be set up. A business with five employees will be configured a lot differently than a business with five hundred, so keep in mind that what may work for one office space may not work for another. In addition, address the following factors when deciding on a new office configuration:

  • What are the different job roles in your company? Perhaps it wouldn’t be beneficial to place someone who talks loudly on the phone all day right next to someone who needs to quietly write or focus on research at their desk.
  • Do you need conference and meeting rooms? How many do you need and how many people will they need to hold? What type of technology will you need in these meeting rooms?
  • What types of setup and equipment does your team need? Do you have designers who need double monitors or large workspaces? Do some team members need a quiet space to meet with clients or conduct interviews? Do your employees work independently or as a team?
  • Will lighting matter to your employees? For example, someone who does design work by hand might need a well-lit room, whereas those doing design work on the computer might need less light as to not cause a glare on their screens.
  • What sort of collaboration space do you need? What does collaboration look like in your office and will you need a dedicated space for this?

Open-Floor Layouts Are Not For Everyone

If you’ve ever seen the inside of any modern tech company like Google or Facebook, you’ll find that doors, walls, and cubicles seem to be nowhere in sight. Many smaller businesses have followed suit, as open floor plans are thought to help facilitate collaboration, increase employee engagement, and are typically less expensive than separate offices or cubicles. However, while this setup has been deemed the office layout of the future, it isn’t right for every business. More importantly, if you do choose to do an open or semi-open floor plan and it is not implemented in a way that works for your goals, then it could be doing more harm than good.

For example, some employees may find the number of distractions that come with an open floor plan inhibitive to their workflow, especially if their job responsibilities require more solo work than collaborative work. On the other hand, if certain roles frequently work together, then having those positions near each other in an open seating area might be helpful to idea sharing.

Whether you are going with an open floor plan or sticking with something more appropriate for your business, there are a few good reasons to do a major reconfiguration of your office furniture. We’ve compiled just a few to get you excited about this upcoming change.

Three Good Reasons To Reconfigure Office Furniture

We do more than just push furniture around. At C-Serv, we often partner with local and national furniture dealers when you place large orders for office furniture, so even if you are getting new furniture in your office, we can be your one-stop-shop for all furniture installation needs. If you are phasing out old furniture, we can use eco-friendly methods to recycle it for you so it doesn’t go to waste. We can also steam-clean furniture during the reconfiguration process so employees get desks and chairs that feel like new. With our years of experience and tried-and-true systems in place to ensure accuracy and organization, C-Serv is the optimal choice for office furniture services in and near Austin. Get in touch with C-Serv today to learn about more of our commercial services!

  1. A Change Would Do You Good: Sheryl Crow was right when she told us a change would do us good! Sometimes all a stale office needs is a good seating shakeup to make things seem brand new. This can help to break up employee cliques and encourage new collaboration opportunities.
  2. You’re Growing Or Shrinking: Whether you are welcoming new employees or downsizing, there is no reason to keep your desks in the same if you now have the opportunity to make some big changes.
  3. You’re Getting New Furniture: If you are bringing in a load of new furniture, we can help you recycle your old equipment and install your new office furniture in your preferred configuration. Use this as an opportunity to try something completely new.

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