Office Furniture Steam Cleaning Services

Through the C-Serv Cleaning Program, we steam clean office furniture including all cubicle panels, chairs, and upholstered surfaces, plus sanitize desk surfaces and file cabinets. Our cubicle steam cleaning is one of our most popular services. Request C-Serv steam cleaning services to extend the life of your office furniture and to offer a cleaner working environment for your employees.

The Benefits of Furniture Steam Cleaning Services

The C-Serv Cleaning Services ensure your office furniture look better and last longer while providing a healthier environment for employees. Benefits of C-Serv steam cleaning can be listed as:

  • Removal of allergens and other agents that can cause allergic or hypersensitive responses
  • Furniture looks better because it is dirt-free and smells fresh
  • Furniture lasts longer with the cleaning and removal of potentially damaging surface elements
  • Motivates employees as it creates an inviting working environment

C-Serv’s Steam Cleaning Services

We manage all the aspects of your workplace transformation project or work under your project manager just to handle the moving and installation stages. Pick the best service plan for your organization or project. Contact C-Serv today for a free project proposal and cost estimate.

In-depth Cleaning Program

Our most comprehensive option, the C-Serv In-depth Cleaning Program includes:

  • Steam cleaning – Features a full take-down of cubicles, as well as chairs and upholstery items for maximum effectiveness
  • Sanitization – Provides a deep cleaning of desk surfaces and file cabinets
  • Hygienic benefits – Delivers significant health advantages to employees, even those not prone to standard dust-related allergies
  • Thorough & efficient – Requires employees to be away from their workstation area for a short time to ensure a thorough and complete cleaning process
  • Subscribe to quarterly, biannual and annual programs to save on in-depth cleaning.


Convenient Cleaning Program

Many C-Serv clients request the C-Serv Convenient Cleaning Plan bi-monthly or quarterly. This plan includes:

  • Steam cleaning –Our process ensures a thorough cleaning. We can accommodate non-standard business hours to minimize workplace disruptions.
  • Sanitization – Provides a standard cleaning of desk and file cabinet surfaces
  • Hygienic benefits – Delivers significant health advantages to employees, even those not prone to standard dust-related allergies
  • Expedient & professional – Cleaning is accomplished without moving any furniture or employees away from their stations.


Types of C-Serv Cleaning Services

C-Serv provides professional cleaning services that extend the life of your office furniture and surfaces. Offer your employees a healthier working environment and extend the life of your tangible assets with C-Serv cleaning services.

Cubicle Panel Cleaning

C-Serv offers cubicle panel cleaning service plans that feature a full-take down and detailed “deep cleaning.” A convenient, minimally disruptive cleaning plan, that enables employees to remain at their desks as we thoroughly clean their cubicle workspace, is also available.

Upholstery Cleaning

We’re experts in upholstery steam cleaning including chairs and other textile covered office furniture. Our services keep your upholstered office furniture clean without damaging them through the process.

Sanitize Desk & Cabinets

C-Serv will sanitize desk and cabinets to ensure the workplace is free of particles that can cause allergic or hypersensitive responses

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Cleaning Starts with Repurposing and Recycling

We’ll help you keep our environment clean too. C-Serv helps you dispose of un-needed furniture in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We’ll help you determine which options are available: repurposing, recycling, or possibly donating or reselling. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of recognition for your environmental work benefitting the community. While there might be some costs involved, your contributions could mean your organization qualifies to earn LEEDS certifications and credits. C-Serv can share more information.

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