Workplace/Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Office layouts tend to change as your team grows or its purpose and functionality evolve. An office furniture reconfiguration can improve the workflow and productivity of your team by repurposing existing furniture or adding additional components. C-Serv can help you evaluate if workplace transformation is the best option for your organization. We also offer space planning and optimization services to assist you with this process.

The Benefits of a Workplace Reconfiguration

Office furniture reconfiguration might be just the change your organization needs. There are several benefits for enhancing the office furniture at your facility:

  •  Boosting employee morale by modifying stale spaces into new environments.
  • Improving workplace efficiency by encouraging new collaborations and breaking up employee cliques.
  • Providing inexpensive alternatives to purchasing new office furniture.
  • Better utilizing the existing office footprint through better work and traffic flow.
  • Adapting for team and facility growth or downsizing.
  • Changing group dynamics to invigorate communications.
  • Creating quiet spaces within large campuses.
  • Recruiting millennials and individuals attracted to fresh aesthetics.

Other C-Serv Services?

C-Serv provides special services for your office furniture reconfiguration and workplace transformation projects not offered by many other office furniture installations, office furniture services and office moving companies in Central Texas.

Furniture Project Management

Managing an office furniture reconfiguration project can be more challenging than a new furniture installation. You save money repurposing existing furniture, but it’s crucial to evaluate the older furniture and order replacement parts early in the process. Because C-Serv has years of familiarity with the top office furniture products and brands, we know which parts are most likely to need replacing. That’s just one reason why we highly recommend our turnkey project management services for reconfiguration projects.


Office Layout Planning & Optimization

Space planning and optimization is key to a successful workplace transformation. This process determines what workstations will be repurposed within the office space and verifies dimensions of the components. Assessing workplace areas and developing office space plans enables you to complete your office furniture reconfiguration project cost effectively while minimizing operational downtime.

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Furniture Management Services

At the end of your office furniture reconfiguration project, you may have components you no longer need or that you want to store for use at a future time.

Surplus services –We can assist in repurposing, donating to a local charity or possibly reselling your decommissioned office furniture. C-Serv works with local and national organizations for donated items as well as used furniture brokers and furniture dealers to source potential buyers.

Recycle – Through our C-Serv Recycle Program, you can avoid the disposal costs of leftover office furniture and save landfill space by recycling it. Plus, while there might some cost involved, you can possibly earn valuable LEEDS certification and credits as well.

Storage – We offer short and long-term storage that includes convenient, secure online access to your current inventory list. You can depend on C-Serv to coordinate your scheduled deliveries and shipment preparations too.

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Furniture Steam Cleaning

C-Serv Cleaning Program provides steam-cleaning of chairs and cubicle panels, plus sanitizing of desk surfaces and file cabinets. We can provide this service on a project basis, quarterly or semi-annually at a discounted cost. Depending on the size of the project, employees may need only temporarily secure their belongings and we’ll take care of the rest. (For larger projects, full removal of all contents may be required). This process extends the life of your workplace furniture. The result is fresh, clean and hygienic working environment.

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C-Serv can provide you with a free quote and proposal for your office furniture reconfiguration and workplace transformation projects. We can provide you with an accurate quote and proposal. Please supply as many details as possible.

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