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5 Reasons To Have Office Furniture Professionally Cleaned

At C-Serv, we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-solution when it comes to office furniture. From office reconfiguration within the same space to office moving, and from office furniture storage in our warehouse to eco-friendly furniture recycling, we do it all. One of our specialties that many of our clients are unaware of is office furniture cleaning services. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss how this can benefit your company and when some good opportunities are to have it done.

How long have your employees been using those mesh-covered office chairs? How often do they switch up desks? How often does half the office call in sick because of some crud going around? It could be time for some serious cleaning around the office. Keep reading to learn more about this service!

The Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Office Furniture

While wiping down the desks with Lysol wipes once a month is a good place to start, it is difficult to really make an office feel clean when there are dozens or hundreds of employees walking around the premises every day. C-Serv can not only sanitize desks, but we can also steam clean chairs, cubicle walls, and other surfaces that collect dust, dirt, and germs over time.

Let’s think about chairs for a second. Most offices have some sort of plush mesh or fabric office chairs for employees to sit in. Now consider the fact that humans shed about 100 hairs per day and about a million dead skin cells. In the course of a year, a person will shed roughly 8-9 pounds of skin cells. While not all of those will end up lingering on or in office furniture, quite a bit will.


Reasons To Have Office Furniture Cleaned

Impress Your Clients: While your employees are obviously hugely important to you, your clients are equally as valuable. If clients sit in a waiting area or meeting room with dirty, dusty, stained chairs, it’s going to be immediately off-putting. Committing to regular cleaning of conference room furniture and reception-area furniture can ensure that clients are met with a welcoming, clean environment.

Increase The Life Of Your Furniture: The better furniture is cared for, the longer it is likely to last before it tears or becomes worn down. Because office chairs and cubicles tend to cost a pretty penny, protecting your investment with regular steam cleaning of these items will ensure they last as long as they are meant to.

Keep Employees Healthy: It seems like once one employee starts sneezing, they all end up having to stay home sick within the span of a couple weeks. Part of this could be because of poor air quality thanks to dust and dander floating around in the air or because of things like seating changes without proper desk sanitation. Steam cleaning of upholstered furniture can help reduce the amount of dust in the air and ensure that employees are getting clean chairs after a big move.

You Just Reconfigured The Office: As we just said, cleaning furniture after a seating change can help keep employees healthy, but it is also just a nice thing to do. If one employee has kept their desk spotless and they end up sitting in the sticky desk of an employee who seemingly ate syrupy pancakes at their desk every day, they may not be too thrilled about the new setup.

Refresh The Office: You know how nice it is to crawl into a bed that has clean sheets? Or how fresh everything feels when you drive a new car? You can recreate these feelings in your office by doing a thorough cleaning every 6 months or so. When things start to get a little stale, employees walking into sanitary desks and steam-cleaned chairs can make all the difference in their attitude.

Choose C-Serve For Office Furniture Cleaning

If you have an office space near Austin and you need thorough commercial furniture cleaning, you can count on C-Serv to get the job done right the first time. In addition to steam cleaning and sanitization, our other commercial furniture services include reconfiguration, moving, storing, and more. Get in touch with C-Serv today to talk more about any of our office furniture services.