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Why Partner with C-Serv?

When the job counts, C-Serv installs confidence

In a word, reliability. For clients who need office furniture installation, relocation, reconfiguration, decommission, recycling, storage and logistics, C-Serv’s people, processes and technology reduce risk for operations professionals and dealers.  

C-Serv is the professional option

C-Serv’s clients demand a higher level of professionalism than a mover or a less-established office furniture installation company. When the job counts, they sleep well at night knowing our team, technology and approach delivers a smooth, worry-free experience time and time again. 

reliability when it counts

Our clients work with us again and again because they need a partner they can count on. Through relentless, continuous improvement and a proven process we are able to deliver services consistently. When we get something wrong, we own it and fix it fast. 

Unique Approach

Our combination of Team, Technology and Process is what sets us apart and makes us a leader in the Austin, Texas metro area. Dealers value C-Serv both for what we do and how we do it. Our collaborative approach features regular communication before, during, and after each project. 


In a recent customer survey, 90% of respondents mentioned consistency in service delivery. For complex or large scale installations, C-Serv’s approach is sustainable over time. 

Lowest risk option

We’ve been in business since 2007. Our experience with world class end-users and dealers around the country, combined with our technology, team, and unique approach, lowers operational risks for dealers. 

Award winning track record

C-Serv has won the prestigious Gold and Platinum awards from Installnet for 7 consecutive years. This award is only bestowed to installers with the highest satisfaction ratings. 

single source for all major brands

We are deep in our knowledge of today’s complex, modular office furniture systems, and broad in our experience working with all major furniture brands.  All it takes is a single phone call, and you can rest assured your project will get off to a smooth start.