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How to Create an Office that Evolves as Your Business Does

Today, the average lifespan of a company on Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is 21 years, down from 32 in 1965. Entretelas Brinco (Brinco), meanwhile, has been around for more than half a century. Lasting the distance – and indeed, being successful for so long – is quite a feat, but it comes with its […]

The Impact of Remote Working on Commercial Real Estate

For decades, one of the biggest markers of prestige for a business was its property: an imposing, large-scale office building was the sign of a truly successful company. But this idea is changing, as increasing numbers of us turn away from the traditional model of commuting every day into a central corporate HQ. This is […]

The State of the Commercial Real Estate Market

Haworth hosts an expert discussion with insights on inflation and market fundamentals, as well as the biggest economic challenge of the next decade. November 9, 2022 – Despite inflation, the fundamentals of real estate are really good and, in some areas, they’re exceptional. That’s one reason the economy is better than you think it is, […]

Herman Miller Named a Frontrunner and Disclosure Leader in Chemical Transparency

The Chemical Footprint Project Recognizes Companies for their Commitment to Minimizing their Chemical Footprint and Integrating Criteria for Safer Alternatives into their Design and Safety Processes Herman Miller, a member of MillerKnoll’s collective of brands, was named a Frontrunner and Disclosure Leader in the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP), by Clean Production Action in December 2022 for […]

Steelcase introduces Ocular. Designed for Hybrid.

Steelcase has an interesting new offering that caters to the New Age of Zoom Calls™ – a “unique curved shape creates a more inclusive and collaborative hybrid meeting for people on both sides of the camera.” From Collaboration is one of the top reasons people want to come into the office. But most meetings […]