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Office Vacancy Rates Increasing in Central Texas

As the pandemic has caused more and more people to work from home, operations and facilities professionals are facing a new challenge: how to recycle office assets and furniture. Office furniture recycling involves removing and disposing of office equipment, furniture, and other physical assets that are no longer needed in a given space.

Time to Reassess Office Space in a Post-COVID World

Thanks to inflation and subsequent interest rate volatility, it might be a good time to reassess what tenants want in terms of their office space. In its latest conversation this week, CBRE discussed the findings of its study into the matter that showed tenants want their offices to talk back. A global leader in commercial […]

At Humanscale, “Less Bad Isn’t Good Enough” for a Sustainable Future

From New York-based Humanscale aims to lead the next wave in design, sourcing, manufacturing, and product lifecycle, even as its furniture supports a healthy, more intuitive, more active way for people to work. Humanscale, a global leader in workplace ergonomics, guides all its operations by four pillars: Function, Simplicity, Longevity, and something it calls “Beyond Sustainability.” […]

Ergonomics is more than just making people comfortable.

Workplace ergonomics refers to the design of the workplace, including the arrangement of equipment, tools, and furniture to create a safe and comfortable working environment. The objective of ergonomic design is to reduce physical stress and injury, while increasing productivity and job satisfaction. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their employees have a safe […]