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Introducing Catwalk Flexible Seating Solution

Influenced by the possibilities of social interactions and relationships, Versteel’s newest modular lounge series, Catwalk, goes beyond functional design to provide a meaningful outlet for collaboration, creativity and comfort. 

Designed by David Dahl, Catwalk is a multiple-height seating system with ledges deep enough to sit on. Mix and match omni-directional units to create your desired setting, whether it’s privacy, comfort for relaxation, networking, or all the above.

“At Versteel, we believe in providing versatile furniture solutions, and Catwalk is yet another great example of this commitment. Through our collaboration with designer David Dahl, we’ve produced a simple, yet effective lounge collection that evolves the potential of flexible seating,” said Versteel President Scott Schwinghammer. 

With a concise offering of single, corner, end, ottoman, and connecting tables and bridge units, Catwalk can be configured to approach from any angle and accommodate a variety of postures. Low and mid ledges are positioned perfectly for relaxed leaning, sitting, or perching. High ledges offer back comfort and privacy, while laminate or veneer ledges provide a space to get work done.  Bridges break up the traditional seating with either a table or padded ledge yet maintain continuity and offer storage. Catwalk invites users to kick their feet up and spread out.

Power options assist in maintaining connectivity during brainstorming sessions, and the design keeps everyone comfortable for extended periods of time. The patent pending Cat’s Paw™ linking bracket provides easy, tool-free setup and reconfiguration. Ample space between the seat and ledge creates a free-floating appearance and allows for ease of cleaning.

Catwalk is available in all standard Versteel Powder Coat colors (excluding Transparents), plus Chrome and Nickel. The adaptable seating solution is simple to specify due to a curated selection of models. Catwalk units allow for the utilization of a variety of materials, including laminate, veneer, and coordinating textiles.