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C-Serv Is Your Go-To Office Furniture Installation Partner In Austin, TX

If you are an office furniture dealer with customers in Austin or a nearby town, C-Serv Commercial Services wants to be your go-to furniture installation experts. We partner with many local and national furniture dealers and have received consistent, positive feedback on all aspects of our installation services.

To get a free quote, discuss moving forward with our independent office installation services, or to schedule a tour of our facilities, get in touch with us today! Or, to learn more about what C-Serv can do for your furniture dealership, keep reading.

Why Use An Office Furniture Installation Company?

Your customers are looking for a one-stop-shop when they purchase an entire office’s worth of furniture from you. They don’t want to order numerous desks,  monitor arms, cubicles, and chairs from you and then have to find another company to install it all. When you partner with C-Serv, you know your clients are going to be in the best hands when it comes to office furniture installation in Austin and the surrounding areas. Whether we are installing a few extra cubicles into an existing office or filling up a huge commercial space with hundreds of workstations, you can count on us to treat your client with the utmost respect and professionalism.


3 Reasons to Choose Us As Your Furniture Installation Partner

Expert Communication

We are starting with this one because it is by far the most important factor leading to your customers having a good experience. If there is poor communication during any aspect of the installation project, your customers are going to direct their frustrations back to you, and you could lose a potential life-long customer because you went with a bad installation company. We have a detailed coordination system and computerized receiving and tracking system that ensures all of your furniture is accounted for. We can coordinate with you, your customer, project managers, and any other important figures to ensure that there are no delays, unnecessary downtime, or other issues due to poor communication.

Customer Testimonial: “The best communication I have ever had with a service provider and on top of that, did a wonderful job at a fair price. They are my GO-TO company in Austin! No one better!” – Michael Pucci

We Offer Turnkey Furniture Installation

Some furniture installation companies in the area expect you to hold on to the immense amount of furniture you have sold a client or for you to ship it to the client’s office where it will sit until they can come and install it. This leads to complications for both you and your customers. C-Serv offers turnkey installation services, meaning we want the customer to walk into their new office ready to go, not into a building that is full of boxes and disassembled furniture. To make this process go more smoothly, we have a huge warehouse where we can keep your client’s furniture safe and out of the way until their scheduled install date. If something happens on the customer’s end and they, for whatever reason, need to delay the install, we can store their items in our warehouse long-term. When it is time to install, our experienced drivers and furniture movers can transport the furniture to your customer’s commercial space.

Customer Testimonial: “Your guys were great! They were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable and handled our project without disruption to our business or employees. I will definitely consider C‑Serv again for our future needs.” – Diane, area manager of law firm

We Truly Care About Your Customer’s Happiness

In order to give you and your clients the best possible service, we only hire the best people to work with us. Each crew member on the C-Serv team from the drivers to the installers to the project managers have been drug-screened and undergone extensive background checks. We consistently hear feedback from projects about our timeliness, friendliness, and respect for the work environment. When we install furniture in an already up-and-running office, we are courteous of the fact that there is business happening there and do our part to be as quiet and efficient as possible. Our crew takes pride in the work they do and we take pride in the professional men and women we send to job sites, whether it is a small office installation or we are installing at a huge multi-floor corporation.

Customer Testimonial: “The historic building I moved into had lots of antique wood, and the crew took great pains to ensure there were no scuffs made in the moving process. I cannot thank you enough, you will have my business every time I move in the future.” – Justin, partner at local law firm

Want To Use Our Office Installation Services?

Your clients deserve the best, and so do you! We want to be your hassle-free, go-to office furniture installers in the Austin area. Whether you are a local furniture store or a national dealer, we’d love to extend our office installation services to you and your clients. Get in touch today to get started!