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Acoustic Furniture For Your Office Installation Project

As sales screens blast terrible music every other minute and coworkers talk on the phone in loud, grating voices, is your workplace productivity suffering? Open office plans have their perks, but increased noise levels is not one of them. Depending on the job, some of your employees may need more quiet to increase their productivity and overall job satisfaction.

In fact, in 1997, the University of Calgary studied open workspaces and found increased levels of stress and anxiety and decreased work productivity. However, it’s possible to have an open workplace but incorporate acoustic furniture into your workplace to increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. What types of acoustic furniture are out there?

Modular Panels

Whether you need a permanent or temporary soundproof area, modular acoustic panels could create a quiet, cozy little space. This area could be used for meetings or team projects and be arranged around a table or seating area.

Wall Flaps

Did you know you could hang up wall art that reduces noise levels? Not only will you be sprucing up your space, you’ll make it quieter, which is a win-win situation. Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors, these felt panels provide insulation from sound. You could even pin different items to the panels during presentations to make a point.


Truly futuristic in their appearance, these nifty contraptions feature a cocoon hood surrounding the head while talking on the phone to reduce noise. If your employees are particularly distracted, they could pull down the cocoon to block out any surrounding noise.

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Acoustic Chairs

Acoustic chairs are great because they can easily be moved around the office and be used both for workspaces and for lounging areas. Employees can use the areas to work or to take phone calls during their breaks.


If you don’t want to build an entire wall to partition your place of business, you could benefit from purchasing a wing instead. Basically, these items hang from the ceiling at a 90-degree angle, creating a makeshift “wall.” Additionally, they can even create a source of indirect light and help cut down on computer screen glare.

How C-Serv Can Help

Our professionals at C-Serv Commercial Services provide office installation and office reconfigurations to a variety of companies in the Austin area. If you already know where your furniture is going and what you need, you could benefit from our C-Serv Pro package. Our team installs your furniture as efficiently as possible so your company experiences as little downtime as possible.

Do you need more help with your entire installation or reconfiguration project management? Try our C-Serv Pro-Plus package, which includes turnkey project management. We’ll handle all the details and coordinate the entire project from start to finish.

Whether you are adding acoustic furniture to your place of business or need to relocate, our office installation company in Austin can help you with your project. With years of experience behind us, we can take the hassle out of your furniture installation project. Contact C-Serv Commercial Services today.