Office Furniture Removal & Recycling Services

If you have unwanted business furniture, C-Serv can help you with several office furniture removal options. We’re happy to help you get rid of old furniture and also stay environmentally conscious.

Dispose of Your Old Office Furniture

C-Serv can help you donate your un-needed furniture to a local charity, repurpose, or recycle it. We’ll provide you with a certificate to show much you saved from entering the landfill when you dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Plus, while there might some cost involved, your organization might qualify to earn LEEDS certification and credits.

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Help Sell Your Used Commercial Furniture

C-Serv will work with through our network of online furniture warehouses to determine if your used furniture has value. Although the financial benefits are typically minimal, your efforts can help prevent disposal of the material in our local landfill. For your efforts, C-Serv will present you with a certificate to show how your efforts benefit our community.

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Store Old Office Furniture

C-Serv offers short and long-term storage services for your old office furniture so your business stays agile as your team expands or the dynamics of your business change.

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