Commercial Storage &
Furniture Logistics

Space, storage, and transportation of furniture can be a big concern for businesses. That’s why C-Serv offers decades of experience in safely transporting and storing assets at our large, 56,000 square feet of a commercial storage facility. We’re experts at furniture logistics, so we can receive and securely store your office furniture and equipment until it’s time to transport it to your designated location. We also offer online tracking and monthly reports for your stored assets.

How Organizations Benefit from C-Serv Commercial Storage Services

Organizations of all sizes need the room to grow. When operations are expanding, business operations need to be agile to address changes in the marketplace. Commercial storage provides several ways to accomplish business growth goals and objectives.

C-Serv Commercial Storage Services provide safe and secure storage tailored to your needs and budget. Here are just a few examples of how C-Serv’s long- and short-timer commercial storage plans can benefit your organization.

Long-term storage solution benefits:
· Store excess business furniture and moveable assets for future needs
· Retain vital business documents to comply with legal paperwork retention regulations (typically 5 to 7 years)
· Stockpile of inventory and supplies so you can buy in bulk and save

Short-term storage solution benefits:
· Temporary storage of office furniture and equipment during your workplace reconfiguration project
· Off-season storage of equipment and inventory for your office furniture, moveable assets

C-Serv’s commercial warehouse provides safe and secure storage services:

● Huge 56,000 square foot warehouse
● Storage tracking system
● Optimal storage options for office furniture, equipment and non-perishable products
● Monthly inventory reports
● Ample insurance
● 24/7 security
● Forklifts, lift-gated and reach trucks available to assist with unloading and storing
● Assembly bay & shipment preparation area that includes packaging and crate materials
● Delivery of office furniture and equipment to your project site

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C-Serv’s Storage Services

C-Serv offers short and long-term storage options to accommodate your commercial storage needs. Let us receive and store your office furniture and equipment until it’s time to transport it to your location. We have considerable open warehouse space as well as Pallet racking to accommodate your storage needs.

Short-term Storage

C-Serv provides secure, 24/7 warehouse space to store your office furniture, equipment and fixtures from damage before your installation or moving project begin. Contact C-Serv about affordable short-term commercial storage options.


Long-term Storage

C-Serv’s offers long-term safe and secure storage for your FF & E assets. We recognize that space and the cost of storage can be a concern for any business and especially growing ones. That’s why C-Serv provides commercial storage options at affordable rates. Learn more about C-Serv’s cost-effective warehouse storage options for your company assets.

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C-Serv’s RIDI Services

C-Serv protects your investment by providing RIDI – Receive, Inspect, Deliver and Install – services. We’ll arrange the delivery of your office furniture to our warehouse so we can unpack, fully inspect, then repackage for temporary storage or delivery for installation at your project site. We’ll stay on top of the entire process to eliminate any potential obstacles and keep your project on track.

C-Serv’s RIDI services include:

  • Receive products, verify paperwork accuracy
  • Inspect by unwrapping and visually evaluating received products for damage or missing part
    • Notify you of any damage we might find
    • Tag and store at the C-Serv warehouse
  • Deliverproducts from the C-Serv warehouse to the project site
  • Install the product at the project site

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