We’ll work with your commercial interior designer or your project manager to create the design you are targeting — either by installing the furniture or reconfiguring your current layout.

Supported Products

Office Desks

C-Serv assembles and installs computer, commercial and executive desk types constructed of hardwood, metal, glass, laminate, and combined-materials in designs that include rectangular, corner, L- or U-shaped and sit-to-stand models. Our expertise ensures assembly and installation is quick, efficient and with minimal disruption in an open office, cubicle farm, and private office environments.

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Conference Tables

Conference tables come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Whether large or small, traditional or contemporary in design, oval, rectangular, square, or custom-shaped, C-Serv is familiar with all the top brands and product lines. We’ll assemble and install your conference tables, even including data/power fixtures, correctly and time efficiently.

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Systems Furniture

A system furniture office features a layout of workstations, perhaps including cubicles, that are arranged to promote an open office environment. Storage components might serve as an area partition or divider, or a privacy panel might separate one workstation from another rather than a tall wall partition. Open office concepts enable easier collaborations among employees and give the office a modern, inviting feel. C-Serv offers expertise with all the top system furniture brands so you can be confident your installation is handled quickly and cost-effectively.

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Outdoor Workplace Furniture

C-Serv assembles and installs all types of outdoor workplace furniture. This includes outdoor tables and seating that enable employees to eat lunch or hold casual meetings on nice days. It can also include benches, bike racks, planters, outdoor waste receptacles, and smoker stations. Our expertise ensures your outdoor furniture is assembled and installed to your specific requirements.

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Office Seating

With many available choices in office seating, turn to C-Serv for expertise and efficiency in assembly and installation. We’re experienced with all the top brands and models, styles and features so we’ll save you time and expense. Office seating includes conference, executive, ergonomic, stacking/nesting as well as specific-purpose task chairs. Styles can be traditional, modern/contemporary, transitional and industrial. Chairs can be constructed of wood, metal, plastic or a combination and feature fabric, real or faux leather, mesh or vinyl upholstery

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Office Storage Systems

The key to an organization in a workplace is adequate office storage. This can include filing, display and supply cabinets, shelving for various purposes and areas, plus bookcases, lockers and more. C-Serv has experience with all types of office storage systems. We assure your office storage pieces will be assembled and installed accurately and efficiently with minimal disruption in the workplace.

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Ancillary Furniture

Ancillary furniture enhances less-formal, “resimercial” workspaces such as office lounges, work cafés, break rooms, patios and collaborative areas. Popular furniture choices for these settings include sofas, side tables, bistro tables, stools, bean bags, lounge chairs, plus outdoor seating and tables. Look to C-Serv to handle your ancillary furniture assembly and installation projects seamlessly, cost-effectively and with minimal interruption to your business operations

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Casework & Modular Benching

Working with laboratory furniture needs to be careful and precise. C-Serv’s expertise ensures that your casework and modular benching will be assembled and installed to your unique requirements. We offer years of experience assembling and installing lab workbenches, chemical resistant countertops, utility cases, shelving and under-counter storage, sinks, lab chairs, stools, and other vital accessories. C-Serv will work with your team to ensure your lab furniture project is completed smoothly, on-time and on-budget.

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School Furniture

You can depend on C-Serv to provide reliable, stress-free, on-time and on-budget services in all types of educational settings. We offer years of experience assembling and installing school furniture in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, science labs, plus lecture, makerspace, and multi-purpose areas. We’re dedicated to providing high quality, dependable service and take pride that many school districts and colleges throughout Texas have worked with us again and again.

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Cubicles & Wall Partitions

Cubicles are a popular and cost-efficient way to convert office space into productivity areas. Available in square, corner, cloverleaf and dog bone shapes, cubicles work with companion wall partitions to enhance workplace collaborations while providing private workstation areas. Turn to C-Serv to assist with space planning as well as to provide expert assembly and installation. Our know-how will save you time and expense.

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Tradeshow Setup

For your organization’s booth or display at a trade show – where you often make your first impression on a prospective customer – turn to C-Serv’s expert Trade Show Display Set-up and Take-down Services team. We have the experience to efficiently handle all installation and dismantling details to ensure your display is impactful and your event wraps up successfully, on-time and on-budget.

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